RMC Podcast

Curatorium and utopic compositions

Episode Notes

This episode of RMC Podcast features a conversation with associate professor at RMC, composer Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard, a conversation about Curatorium – the festival that never takes places.

You will also be hearing works by RMC students Anna Wærum, Astrid Emilie and Ginte Preisaite.

Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard have for a number of years been occupied with imaginary sound, and from 2017-2020 he carried out an artistic research project with the simple and yet very telling title Music for the inner ear.

In this research project he asked questions like: Can written stories about sound manifest themselves as imaginary pieces of music inside the listeners mind? A kind of music in which the listener also becomes the composer? And can the story about a piece of art become the piece of art?

These questions are also the common thread in this podcast episode where Niels elaborates on all the ideas that springs from the concept of an imaginary sound art festival.

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